Author of Laws of Logic?

Who developed the following?

The first is the Law of Identity: (A equals A) is true.

The second is the Law of Contradiction: (A and not A) is false.

And the third is the Law of the Excluded Middle: (A or not A) is true

Augustine on Logic:

"[T]he validity of logical sequences is not a thing devised by men, but is observed and noted by them [...] [I]t exists eternally in the reason of things, and has its origin with God. For as the man who narrates the order of events does not himself create that order; [...] and as he who points out the stars and their movements does not point out anything that he himself or any other man has ordained; in the same way, he who says, 'When the consequent is false, the antecedent must also be false,' says what is most true; but he does not himself make it so, he only points out that it is so." (On Christian Doctrine II,50)

-Tom Bombadil

Tom, Thank you for your assistance.:)

I think, but I may be wrong,  that Aristoteles was the one that systematically first put those three Logic rules on print.

Yes Aristotle systematized much of what we now recognize as logic.

"Aristotle's logical works contain the earliest formal study of logic that we have. It is therefore all the more remarkable that together they comprise a highly developed logical theory, one that was able to command immense respect for many centuries: Kant, who was ten times more distant from Aristotle than we are from him, even held that nothing significant had been added to Aristotle's views in the intervening two millennia."

-Tom Bombadil