Autographed AKA team hats and shirts!

Paul Buentello was nice enough to help me out by getting 2 AKA black shirts and 2 black AKA hats autographed last week.

These are signed by Cain Velasquez, Daniel Cormier, King Mo, Luke Rockhold, Justin Wilcox, Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, Mike Kyle and a couple others!!!

If you would like to put a bid up or buy one outright let me know.

The money from your bid/purchase will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Pics will be posted soon. Phone Post

Post pics


Interested. Wanna see pics. Phone Post


Ttt Phone Post

Are they listed? Or are you taking offers??? I am interested in one of the shirts!

I have had an offer of $100 for each shirt. And had an offer of $75 for hat and $25 for the other.

If you are interested please lemme know. I would like to get these out as soon as possible so I can get our funds transferred to the Wounded Warrior Project. Phone Post

Interested in 1 of the hats. Phone Post

I'd buy on of the hats for $35 shipped now.

I'd be a buyer at $50 shipped Phone Post

Cheap asses!!! Phone Post

Then put in a bid, cool guy. Phone Post

Remember guys this is for charity. The hats without a signature are $25.

King Mo
Cain Velasquez
Daniel Cormier
Luke Rockhold
Mike Kyle
Nate James
Josh Koscheck
Paul Buentello
Justin Wilcox
Jon Fitch

Let's make some bids and raise some money fellas

Highest bids will be paid to paypal and items will be shipped priority mail by fedex with confirmation/tracking number.

If you want to contact Buentello to confirm the authenticity he will be happy to. Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post

Any chance you could get unsigned StrikeForce gloves?

id do 40 for a hat

Put in a bid? I don't want any of that stuff. Doesn't interest me one bit. I can get all that stuff signed for free so why would I buy it... Phone Post

 well you called us cheap asses, and its for a good cause; so if I figured you would throw in a bid or are you being a cheap ass...haha

Well guys I'm wanting to wrap this up by October 5th. If you guys wanna purchase 1 or a set (hat and shirt) for a decent bid, please lemme know.

Our charity just raised $2000.00 for a local woman with breast cancer. So now we are completely focused on the remaining going to the Wounded Warrior Project. Please give what you can for this awesome piece of memorabilia:
2 Strikeforce champs
Kotc champs
1 UFC champ
And a ton of top contenders Phone Post