Autographed "The Guess Who" Guitar

Well, I put that guitar up on ebay that I mentioned in the UG a few weeks ago.

Here it is:

Good luck. I hope you get some serious coin for that. I think $300 is perfect for an opening bid.

Yeah, thats pretty good.

You might try advertising it on some guess who fan forums or something.

Damn, no bids yet?

Those ebay people are lunkheads! That is a good price!

Hey Spider,

Try posting on one of thses froums:

Thanks guys, I relisted it and there have been bids on it now.

Thanks for the tips DasBeaver

Excellent! Glad they helped.

Btw, my consultation fees are quite reasonable.

What is the url? I'd like to track it.

Good luck.

The original listing had a starting bid of $300 and never got a bid. I started the relisting at $250. It's up to $280 already.

Yo Spidey,do you have Domenic Troiano's signature,also?If not,you should be able to track him down in the Toronto area.

BTW,Dom was the guitarist who replaced Randy Bachman in the Guess Who.He also replaced Joe Walsh in James Gang for a brief period.

I do not have any signatures other than the ones listed in the auction.

I am not a musician, nor a music buff. I just lucked out and won a draw on a charity lunch I bought.

I'll buy computer gear with the money I make, maybe a christmas present or two as well.

Funny how it wouldn't move at $300 but now it's at $305. Think it's because it started lower and got a bid at $280?

Right on man! It's at $330.00!

Final price $340US. Thanks for the help everyone!!!

Excellent! You win.

Congrats. I guess Racer X and I should split the consulting fee.

heh heh

What consulting fee? ;)