Autopsy results show shows 93% of deaths caused by Vaccine

Yes , you put more emphasis on yourself and don’t realize you’re part of a greater good.

This little twat is still trying to troll with all this vaccine nonsense? gotta give the troll credit, he’s persistent.

Note: didn’t read the thread

Just wanted to chime in and say, I’ve been hearing the OP’s title quoted to me by the dumbest ‘patriots’ at work.

Do you know how bad it sucks to hit these guys with some real data points, cite credible studies about lack of efficacy of vaccines, masks, etc., and then the guy who’s more or less on your side comes back with…“And did you know, everyone they say is dying of covid…it’s actually THE VACCINE that killed 93 percent of them???”

Like dude shut the fuck up and sit down. You’re not helping.

blow that greater good bullshit out your ass

you want people to die so you feel safe. You are no moral standard.


I don’t want u to die . You aren’t my enemy and neither are the non vaxxed.

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the vaccine does kill people. might be rare but it happens


Remember the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, with the giant figure of death holding a needle, the nurses dancing and all the children in hospital beds? It’s starting to make a lot more sense now. They’ve had this planned for a long time.

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It was right after I banged her, while she was sucking my hawg.

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We all have life goals. Some just aim higher than others. But hey, I’m glad to see you reaching your pinnacle, bro.

That was my lowest, bro.

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