Avatar: The Way of Water (trailer) - sequel to Avatar

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Tony Ferguson?

The selling point of the first one was the novelty of 3D. Other than that the film was nothing special, I don’t think I’ve re-watched it since I first saw it in a theater.

I’m not sure how they are going to be selling this one.

I saw the original and TBH I don’t remember a fucking thing about it.

That’s Cyrus. Unreal.

I don’t remember a single thing about the first movie except me thinking, “that was ok.” And I think the main dude was a cripple.

Remember the Pandora-blues people were referencing when the first movie came out?

With the world going to shit around them, people are going to be doing multiple viewings in 3D IMAX for this one. It’ll be like having a VR experience at the theaters!!

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Jake will take his gf’s avatar after she dies.

James Cameron’s resume:

First movie to make a billion dollars.

First movie to make $2 billion and still the highest grossing movie of all time. Yes, it reclaimed the crown from Avengers: Endgame.

Will the new one be the first movie to hit $3 billion and do over $1 billion in the US alone?

Trailer looks good. I haven’t watched Avatar in forever!

Has anyone watched it on an OLED with 4k ultra hd?

Worth buying the DVD?

I think it would look better if you bought the video-cassette!

Seeing the trailer in IMAX 3D was fucking incredible. Super hyped for this and the resurrection of 3D home theater technology.

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This… Never saw it in the theaters. Saw it at home several years later. Very mediocre.

only in Canada

That’s how I picture some of the dorks in the video game thread.