Avenatti is a beast of a lawyer

Beast of a thread

Nick Sandmann thread was top 5

I missed this one. I’ll see if I can find it

A public nervous breakdown that started as a joke but became real after too many pills and beverages.
At one point we were looking at a one legged man in his tighty not so whitey’s holding a giant kitchen knife.

Tang was awesome. I knew his new sn after that and he successfully came back with nobody realizing it was him.
Can’t remember it now. Hope he’s well, guy was hilarious, just had an epically bad night.


Pretty sure it’s gone and if it isn’t it wouldn’t make any sense with half the posts deleted.

I just went back and scanned the first 300 or so posts in this thread and almost none of those idiots still post under the same screen name.


Avenatti kept bragging that he “trained MMA” - what are the odds darkness66 was his OG screenname?


He might have lurked. History has shown that these things happen.

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Frustrated Jim Carrey GIF


All classics

Don’t forget Tesla isn’t a real company


I think my favorite still might be Veegoh.

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Do tell. Can you bump it. Or I think you can link the thread here too

There’s going to be a lot of butthurt faggots in 2009!

Here’s a couple of oldschool examples:

“How’s my back?”


“The following people are gay”

-Jordan Lynch

Ahhhh that was that guy… I’ve heard the legend … but never knew the poster lol

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Dude got permabanned for wishing cancer death upon camicon. Can’t remember the name of the thread

There should be a list of threads that led to people never returning (with the same SN)

Surprisingly as bad as Grandpa’s was he posted from time to time for quite a while afterward. Don’t know if he does anymore but that was a huge backfire.

I remember that. He did come back the next day and say everything was cool if I remember right but that meltdown was something.