Avengement on Netflix

Holy shit was this a surprise. The movie was actually excellent and has the best action/fighting sequences I think we’ve seen in years. Anyone else seen it?

he’s a million times better than norris or van damn.

I agree. I just started watching the debt collector and it’s the same fighting style. As far as tv martial arts it’s the most realistic appearing. A lot of Muay Thai and kickboxing stuff.

jason stratham’s latest is a good one too.

When I watch movies they go into my short term memory. I’ll watch half a movie before I realized I’ve already seen it. So I started keeping a list of every movie I watch. I can search it in my “notes” on my phone.

I don’t remember watching it but this is what I wrote:

Avengement- was awesome! Non-stop violence and a decent plot to the movie! Great fight scenes.

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the rise of the footsoldier is another cracker.

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Is this available in the US? When I went to Netflix to add it to my list, it didn’t show up in a search

Cliff notes-no spoilers please.


This movie is 2 years old?

Seen “Avengement” on Netflix yet?