Average Asian American Resents Parents' $100K Support

‘Privileged’ unemployed man is slammed for tweeting he resents his parents for ‘spoiling’ him by giving him $100K, paying for his college tuition and financially supporting him

  • Qiaochu Yuan took to Twitter on Thursday to share his realizations after taking 'a medium dose of acid’
  • He wrote in a 35-tweet thread that his parents have always provided for him financially to show their love, but have sheltered him from financial reality
  • Last August, he said his mom gave him a $100,000 birthday present, after already paying for his MIT education out of pocket
  • Yuan said he is now living in an AirBnB and has not had a job in three years
  • He said he realized during his acid trip that the only consequences he faces to losing all his money is that it would create a burden for his parents
  • After tweeting his thoughts, many people attacked him for being out of touch with the reality of many Americans



i can see black on asian violence being very justified in this case


Jesus Christ these people are ridiculous. They just look for reasons to whine. They take life way too serious. We are meaningless creatures in a infinitely expanding universe. Just enjoy the ride.


Both him and his parents are idiots.

Hasn’t worked in 3 years? Dude is a lazy worthless bum.

And his parents are enabling his behavior. Giving money to someone who is either financially irresponsible or refuses to work is like giving an alcoholic a drink.

You are enabling their bad behavior. He needs to be cut off and told to find a job. Eventually you can gift him some money if you have the means but only when he has worked a good while and has proven to manage his money responsibly.


His parents probably have stunted his personal growth somewhat by being overly supporting. But I don’t really see it as a bad thing. Sure you need to teach your kids to be independent but you also want to provide them with a better life than you had yourself. There is an attitude that you have to be able to make it on your own but none of us really do by ourselves. We have all received a tremendous amount of help along the way.

Express gratitude for the gifts you have received and try to pass a better life onto those that come after you. This is progress.

He can give to the poor but of course that would be the furtherest thing from his mind.

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I mean my parents would let me live in their spare bedroom or buy some ribs to grill on Sunday that I could eat but 100k? Seems wreckless.

Why does anyone, outside of his family, care what that person thinks or feels?

Stop giving them attention and they’ll go away.

They’re from California, they’re like attention vampires. They need it

Be sure to bump this thread when he’s 45, out of money with dead parents and working at mcdonalds.

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Even if he’s a complete retard, it’s so hard to become personally bankrupt once you’re past the threshold of being able to accumulate more in passive income than the vast majority of Americans make in a year’s salary.

If his parents nonchalantly send him 100k for his bday, then I’m sure he’s making at least a few million when they die, and some of that will probably be in time-dependent trusts locked into secure assets.

Life is completely different at a certain level of income, and it really takes hubris and idiocy to go completely broke once you have millions imo.

I have a NEET friend like this: knows his limitations, never tried to play the stock market, and has just enjoyed 15y of roughly 10% returns on indexed funds since his inheritance came in. Doesn’t live super rich, but got 1 million in deposits and 1 million in indexed equity at 20, and never bothered developing a real life.

It’s a different type of poverty: no goals, no skills, no drive or ambition…

Magnificent Adult Baby? I’m gonna go with troll account.

Is he happy tho? Dudes basically retired. Isn’t that the dream?

100K to retire?

I was replying to Matty re: NEET friend