Average Price for a Seminar?

I was just wondering what would a person pay for a three hour seminar on average out of curiousity.

The cost of a seminar to a consumer (you), is directly affected by the fee requested by the seminar giver.

If a well known BJJ black belt is requesting $50 per person per day (minimum 10 persons per day), and airfare, and hotel, the costs associated could go quite high.

I will show you.

Fee: $1000 (minimum for 2 days).

Airfare: $500.

Hotel: $230 (2 nights).

Food: $150.

Advertizing: $100 (conservative)

Rental of mat space: $300 (even if it's yours, you still pay).

This gives you a total of

$2280. You have to divide this by 10 (your minimum)

To break even you have to charge everyone $228. Everyone complains, doesn't come, and you lose money....again.

The early Royce and Rorion Gracie seminars were even more demanding financially, but they often drew as many as 150 persons paying up to $300 per person.

I will give you the change out of my couch plus anything else you might find.

Sled Dog knows what he is talking about!

We both host seminars all the time and I think I speak for both of
us when I say that although it would be nice to make money on
these events, we both try to price the seminars so that we break
even. I am happy to have the opportunity to train with some of the
top instructors but I really don't like it when it ends up costing me
$1000.00 or more (yes, this has happened).

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On a serious note I know that our club has people we would like to bring in but because we're so small we just don't have the people to support large fees.

We have been talking about working some stuff out with certain people to come in etc but it just has not been able to come to fruition yet.

In the meantime most of us just hit other seminars and clubs for variety.

Some people charge a lot because they are famous or champions, but not necessarily good teachers (two very different skill sets).

For a seminar with someone who I *know* is a good teacher, on a focused, specialized subject (like Eddie Bravo doing Rubber Guard or Michael Jen doing Pin Escapes or Roy Harris doing Bent Arm Locks, etc.), on material that I am currently working on, that is not attribute dependant (need long legs or super flexibility or tons of speed or strength I don't have) then I will pay a good amount ($75-$100 depending on length).

For someone teaching 'latest techniques from Brazil', or 'super complex unrelated matrix stuff', who may be an awesome fighter but I have no idea if they can teach or not, I will go for the experience if I have time and it doesn't cost more than $40-50.

Thanks for the input guys.

I was just reading the other thread about monthly prices and some people said between 50 to 100 bucks. If that's the price for a month how come one day seminars are so pricey?

---how come one day seminars are so pricey?

Read the post above. Sled Dog explained how the prices of seminars
are typically arrived at. Now, whether or not people (customers) choose
to attend or not, that is up to them.


Yeah, I know that. I guess seminars are usually with famous black belts or learning some new move from bravo or garcia. So the high price is expected.

Just thought it sounded wierd hearing that some people so much per month and that some seminars are almost double that. Sled dog did do a good job at explaining the prices and costs of putting on a seminar though.

I will also add that Sled Dog is being VERY conservative with his

As for the $50 per month for training thing, that is NOT typical for full
time clubs.

One thing to consider though when you are making this comparison is
the following: The average person attends classes twice per week
(assume 1 hour classes). This equals 8 hours per month. When you
attend a weekend seminar, you are often training 8-10 hours. So, it
MAY be worth it to some people to pay a month's tuition with the
chance to study/train with a top-level coach.

Would I pay it? I am with rene.r. I would if the seminar instructor is a
good coach. As an example, Matt Thornton is in Cambridge this
weekend. The cost is 75.00 per day (5 hours of training per day which
equals 15.00 per hour). For Matt's coaching, that is a bargain as he
only spends time on high percentage skills.

Erik Paulson and Rico Chipparelli will be in the GTA in June. They also
have a proven track record for being excellent coaches.

Just my 2 cents:)


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