Avid Pro disappoints

I've been using Avid products since 1996. And when they came out with the DV version I was a big supporter. However lately their product has been so buggy I'm thinking of abandoning it. I'm currently thinking of trying Adobe Premiere, does of anyone have any other suggestions?

Final Cut Pro has been steadily kicking Avid's ass in the entry-level NLE market. If you like Avid, commit to Avid hardware & you'll be bug-free.


djdb has spoken the correct.


Hey SatanJr I use vegas to, its so simple, whats the deal with using it for proffesional projects though, i know you seem to know what you are talking about, but everyone says if i want in on the "industry" i need to use FCP or Avid, but vegas is badassssss.

The reason you want Avid as an essential part of being in on the industry is because the industry is at this point 80-odd percent Avid. Which means in addition to overcoming simple personal prejudices, you also have extremely portable work, e.g. you can swap work quickly & effectively, or replace editors easily, etc.

Final Cut Pro made quick inroads to the business by courting industry students, & carry most of the balance of the remaining 15% or so.

PC platforms on the whole are just now getting to the point where they can handle the same tasks, so they're over a decade out of the loop. That will change over time, but for now there's no reason not to be focusing on the skills your employer will expect.

IIRC, SatanJr is in a somewhat rare situation where the company does everything in-house & he maintains the gear, so it's all pretty much up to his whims & problem-solving abilities. There's no arguing, though, that if he needs to find another job, it would be easier if he knew Avid.


Personally the reason I love the Avid is that I've been using since 1997. I was trained on an Avid and I've used an Avid at every place I've worked, even to the point of convincing a television station that I worked at to switch from *edit to the Avid.

That being said, if all my work was on my home computer then I guess it would make it easier to change, but unfortunately I have to be able to transfer files back and forth to work.(sigh)

Since Avid Xpress Pro has just released their HD version, I guess i'll give it another try.

Ptm, is that the "studio" package that you are getting?

broke guy gets jealous of all this shit

fuck it, I'll learn all of that in film school anyway...right? lol