Awesome 90's TV series Summer Break Wasters

Up all night on the weekends and during the long arduos days of pre internet summers, there emergeda bastard child of CGI. A trial run for ideas too corny for the mainstream. 


These are examplesof the 90's shows that made my childhood dee bayst.

Hercules the Leg. Journeys



The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

Alcopulco Heat

Silk Stalkings

USA Up All Night for the weekend nights when your parents were out.

Favorite moments?



Do those all star the same dude?

Brisco County Jr. was such a good show. I loved the episodes with Terry Bradshaw. It just got better the zanier it got. 

Brisco was amazing and they even stole its theme music for the '96 Olympics.  Shit I'm gonna go watch me some Brisco.

sweet valley high

reruns of 21 jumpstreet

Brisco was amazing. I think it came out at the wrong time though Phone Post 3.0

I loved silk stalkings Phone Post 3.0

Silk stalkings was awesome

Weird science TV show
Pacific blue
USA was the shit in the 90's Phone Post 3.0

The UPN ans WB came out at the right times.



I was raised by Homer Simpson, Al Bundy, and Earl from Dinosaurs.

Married With Children
the Simpsons
The Wonder Years
Family Matters
America's Most Wanted
Unsolved Mysteries
America's Funniest Home Videos
And Cartoons. A lot of cartoons. Phone Post 3.0