Awesome Advanced PDR

Hello everyone,
I just got back from the advanced PDR in
Montreal and it was awesome. There was so much info my brain is fried.We worked on
Ballistic Micro-Fights and the Close Quarter Form in detail,it truely was a great time.
Tons of info to process.Thank you Tony
for your hospitality.

PDR Team
James Schirnglone

Mental Edge Members,

I could not agree more with what James stated in the initial post.

I have been almost every PDR session and this one was the most profound.

For those of you interested in joining the PDR Team and experiencing the evolution and future of personal safety....hold on tight!!!

Robb Finlayson,
PDR Coach

This was my 4th PDR session. Each time I leave,
my confidence in dealing with real-time and real-world street attacks takes another leap forward. Thanks Coach for the awesome info and thanks to other PDR members for the great training.

Eric Flemming, PDR Coach

youre welcome guys, does anyone know how to
post jpgs here? if so, canone of you post the
group shot I sent out?


Im jealous! look at all that High Gear...your all looking like some malo hombres!!

Nice! But who's the dummy in the front row??

I had a great weekend too and love the culmination
training when you guys start putting the puzzle
togehter, blending LARD, REPLICATION, ECT into
the BMF.


Another fantastic weekend! I am still amazed at how much benefit I can get by spending just a short weekend with Coach and other members of the team.Alright, well here is my attempt to post the picture!Thanks for always inspiring us to be better Coach.Jeff