Awesome Cardio Alternative

It is called Guerilla Cardio.  It is based on a workout developed by Japanese speed skaters.  I have only done it for a couple of weeks and noticed results right away.


Just got back from a session. Ass kicker. I set my count down timer on my watch to 20 seconds. When it reaches zero, the alarm lasts for exactly 10 seconds. When the watch stops beeping, I hit start and start sprinting again. 4 minutes and it is all over. The four minute cool down run can be a gut check, though.

Sounds like Taku's intervals.

Sounds like Taku's intervals.

It should....Guerilla Cardio is just the tabata protocal applied to cardio work.

Yep, tabata intervals... I believe Takus final phase is 10 rounds as opposed to 8, making it 5 minutes.

You can do tabata with almost anything. Weights, cardio, etc. Burpees are killer with them, but ya gotta be disciplined and work!

I like a treadmill for them since you can't really slow down (be careful with that though)


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just before I go though, on a more related point check out the crossfit archives for some interesting tabata/guerilla cardio ideas...

I do it on the track. I keep track of the total distance so I can try to beat it on the next time. It helps me to go 100%.

Yes, I based my program on the research of Tabata and others.


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Guerilla Cardio- that's funny Muscle Media 2K had an article on this training program pictured with a guy with fashioned sideburns wearing camo shorts and boots. Saw the training protocol and thought, "What a rip off, and they changed the name."

I think that was the Bootcamp Abs program wasnt it?

Muscle Media 2K did HIIT conditioning article on the site (called HIIT And Run!, ironically!) but it was different from Takus Intervals.

It was actually based on 30x30 intervals (30 seconds work followed by 30 seconds avtive rest). This was done 3 times a week and built up from 4 Minutes to 15 minutes over an 8 week period.

Here is the URL for those interested:


Youll find the Ab Boot camp program there.

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