Awesome fights from Shootors Legacy 1

Masakatsu Ueda vs Ralph Acosta

For the vacant 155 lbs Shooto Pacific Rim title
Yoshihiro Koyama -vs- Shinji Sasaki

Roots standout Taiki Tsuchiya faces former KOTC Champ Tony Hervey

glupe - I don't really keep up with mma other than strikeforce and ufc, so not knowing these fighters i'd have to give props to Ueda for displaying some amazing grappling.

Ueda is a pretty awesome fighter for sure. Amazing Grappling skill and some decent stand up to boot. He's currently ranked number 10 on Sherdog but considering who they rank in front of him, I'd say he's number 6 or 5 at least in the world. That's just my opinion though.

Most of the top Flyweights in the world are in Shooto and they generally focus on the lighter classes. Think like a Japanese WEC on a smaller scale.

Heres another awesome fighter, Shooto Straweight Champion Rambaa M-16 Somdete

M-16 vs Rabbit Seki (Muay Thai)

M-16 vs Tuchiya (Muay Thai)

M-16 vs Massaki Sugiwara (MMA rules beatdown)
Part 1

Part 2