Awesome Fisher-Stout pic (pic)

God that was such an awesome fucking fight.

Great pic.

couple of warriors right there!

Now MMA!


When are they going to replay it


replay? you realize you had to access the INTERNET to ask that question right?

Where is that shot from?

Where is that shot from?


its not kickboxing its mma, totally different thing.

I loved how when Stout would get caught he's just get an annoyed look on his face like he just stepped in dog poop or something.

Both really tough skilled guys.
Great fight.

"When are they going to replay it "

dailymotion unless cheap ass Dana had it removed already. great fight, closer than most will admit. much better viewing without Rogan. I'd rather listen to a broadcast in a foreign laguage than listen to Rogan.

nope, no ground game at all.
stout defended the takedowns extremely well, and after awhile fisher just worked the stand up.

"Did the fight hit the ground once?"

The fight doesnt have to "hit the ground" to be considered MMA.

Oh wait.... Member Since: 05/04/2007. My bad. Troll on.

lol at that being sloppy kickboxing.

For the record, Stout is K-1 Level and Fisher more than likely has the most technical hands in MMA,

come up with what?! mojo he is is correct stout is a very good kickboxer and fischer is obviously damn good as well

great pic!