Awesome Forrest Griffin news

I know I should probably let Adam, Rory, or Frank post this but heck, one of them can post the details. I got this from the UG.

Forrest Griffin (The HardCore Gym) knocked-out Edson Paredao (New Geracao)

Awesome-Awesome news!


I heard the news is not so good as FOrest Broke his arm in the process and is out of his BIG fight in Jan.

FROM ABU DHABI NEWS:American Forrest Griffin returned to Heat after a victory over Ebenezer
Braga in the first edition. Like the first time, he didn't disappoint the crowd. In a little more than one minute Griffin demolished Paredao (Big Wall, in Portuguese) with an accurate right punch to his opponent's chin.

The night didn't finish so happy for the American, although. Griffin left the ring holding his left arm and realized that he had broke it blocking a powerful punch in the beginning of the fight, as a x-ray proved. The unfortune wasn't enough to make him lose his mood: 'I had a vacation appointed already, so I was not suppose to train for a while anyway.'
Forrest is a great guy hopefully everything will be ok.



Get well Forest!

He sure did Paul. He won by choke using the arm that had been dislocated.



Great news on the fight, sorry to hear about the


*cut & paste* Steve's sentiments ...

Forest and the HCG Fight team continues to be awesome. great coaching Rory & Adam. big congrats. looking foward to Hamilton.


Go Forrest!!! Now heal!


awesome, hopefully he'll be alright to come fight in march over here in Australia!!