Awesome head kick ko

This is my victory kick in last weeks IFF. Enjoy.

someone please put it up on the thread, for some wierd reason I cant view that file.

i saw that live it was sick!! question did he have you hurt at all before that head kick

I was there. It was the most eplosive head kick i have witnessed(barring Cam knocking me out, which I did not see)!


Nice one.

Great timing, hand drops down, then so does he.


sorry for the shitty camera angle. my seats sucked. lol

that ko was so badass

im only afew inches taller and we walk at the same weight. As far as him hurting me he threw some hard kicks but all blocked, he got some takedowns but was just layin on me really. He was very tense and was gassing fast so i let him gas and opened up the opportunity for the KO. He is a very strong guy and he tried some good stuff. Once he gets some experience under his belt he will be tough for anyone to deal with.

One more thing, Everyone involved with the IFF treated us fighters like gold and Bang fuckin rawks. That guy hitting pads is sick and in the cage..........

Nice shot evil. Congrats on the win.


YEah the IFF was a top notch show. McCarthy, made the comment that besides the UFC, no show takes care of the fighters like these guys did.

Here was something I found funny. JC Pennington got a KO on the same fight card that Bang Ludwig got a submission victory. Pretty strange.

I still managed a body shot KO in the first fight though:)

You were supposed to get subbed in one minute I thought?


Thanks, guys. It was a pleasure to have you guys on the card. Y'all really came to fight. Let's stay in touch.

great ko on a great show.

TTT for sick knockouts, sicker subs and an awsome promotion.
It rocked.

tim they were great and a true pleasure to work with.


Sweet KO. Congrats.