Awesome, inspiring Easter story!!!

I'm not a Christian, but I really enjoyed this story anyway:


Shortly after the Communist revolution in Russia, a Commissar was dispatched to Russia's rural regions to spread the revolutionary gospel on behalf of the regime. His mission took him to a Russian Orthodox congregation in the far countryside one Sunday.

Bullying his way to the pulpit in the company of soldiers and secret policemen, the Commissar harangued the congregation for over two hours about the foolishness of their belief in Christ and the glories of the Bolshevik regime. He promised those who cooperated that they would have a share in the spoils, and described in elegant detail the punishments that would be meted out to those who resisted. Resistance was futile, he promised; cooperation would be rewarded.

With smug self-assurance that his point had been made, the Commissar allowed the parish Priest to say a few words by way of reply. The venerable Priest rose to his feet and simply said, "Xistos voskrese! (Christ is Risen!)" Of one voice the congregation replied, "Voestinu voskrese! (Indeed, He is Risen!)"

Courage is always admirable.



great post...I have heard that before..but I still enjoy reading it