Awesome little amp...

I just picked up the VOX Brian May recording amp for around $150 from the local store. This thing kicks ass. I dont remember amps this small sounding this good out of the box back in the 80s. If youre looking for a nice tight rock sound this is it. you can record with it. Mike it up or it has an output to send it to a bigger amp to get that sound onto bigger speakers.

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I think it looks cool as hell too.


Thats really sweet! How many watts is it? Tube or solid state?

i believe its only like 12 watts and no tubes but i dont think May's original "Deacy" amp had any tubes either but it gave Brian May his signature sound and its great for recording.

Very cool!

I have a Guild BHM1, the first production line replica of Brian's Red Special, and would love to get one of those.

How long have they been out?


Wow scrnm, you will probably be able to totally emulate Brian May's sound with the combo of that guitar and amp.

Not sure how long its been out but theres tons of info on the web. I really just bought it becuase i thought it was a cool looking practice amp. Brought it home and ended up doing reasearch on it and finding out its an awesome sounding amp for recording. Turns out it records better than my fender tube amp after tonights recording session.

The sounds stands out in the mix much better and layers really nicely.