Awesome Movie Monster/Superhero Fights (VID)

This one is Godzilla v. Gamera. There's a bunch of these vids. I think they're great. I enjoy how they go over the combatants strengths, weaknesses and notable wins and losses before going into the actual fight. I'll post the link in my next post in case the embed doesn't work. I hope you like these as much as I do.

Fulgore v. Sektor

Terminator v. RoboCop

That was cool sub for later. Phone Post 3.0

There's more videos. If this thread becomes popular I'll post more. Unfortunately it seems like a dud Phone Post 3.0

yeah very cool .vu!

Godzilla one is very cool. Thanks for posting. They rendered him a little strange but it was cool.

Batman and Captain America:

I've posted that Godzilla vs Gamera one on the OG three times now and it was utterly ignored each time, lol.

It is a good video though, even if they do fuck up some of their facts. It's like they take all different versions of a character and merge them into one.

For example the weights they posted are well off the official ones, Godzilla's regeneration is generally instantaneous, etc.

Good stuff anyways though.

It also said Godzilla's gills are a weak spot, but the Japanese Godzilla (the one exclusively used in the videos) never had gills at all, and obviously his non existent gills were not a weak spot.

They're literally just making shit up there.