AWESOME SnG spreadsheet

I downloaded this from the 2+2 SnG Poker Forum and posted it on my web page (to save them bandwidth). This thing is AMAZING. I only entered one tourney that I played today so overwrite my own game and put your results in the first page. Absolutely amazing (be sure to click on the bottom tabs for the other windows):

404 not found?

Sorry try this one, it is good for a single $ level (like $10+1):

This one is more complicated and for multiple entry fees (like combining $10+1 & $20+2, etc):

looks cool... what do you do with it?

Do you have to record the info manually?

I'm at work, but I put in the wins/losses & places for my last 12 games. I didn't put the correct dates and times though. You only have to enter stuff on the first page, then on the other pages (bottom tabs) you can see your ROI (Return On Investment), ITM (In The Money), averages, expected results with up to 2 standard deviations, a graph of your profits/losses over time, how well you do on the the bubble (one place before the money usually when 4-5 players are left).

There is a lot of stuff there. As you can see, I have WAY too many 4th place finishes.

sweet, thx