Awesome t-shirt idea

Simple t-shirt, any color. Giant letters and all it says is "I'M OFFENDED."

I'll never do anything with it but I'll buy one for $17ish dollars from someone who makes it happen. Phone Post 3.0

Turboslut Phone Post 3.0

Cool... Do it Phone Post 3.0

im sure if you contact a print shop they can just screen one on for you.

Stronghold - Cool... Do it Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0

I'M OFFENDED. Phone Post 3.0

Hipster Phone Post 3.0

Wooter18 - Turboslut Phone Post 3.0
. Phone Post 3.0

Rahjai MD - Hipster Phone Post 3.0
Nah. These would be big block letters in caps lock as if it were being yelled/making a statement. Hipsters wear odd fabrics and skinny jeans. Phone Post 3.0

FABombDropper - Probably not a good idea. Slave owners used to be "offended", so I'm sure people will have problems with that. And if 4chan or the liberal media gets ahold of that...Adios racist asshole! Phone Post 3.0

Too late. What's done is done. $25 and it should be delivered in a week:

209ESE - 


Fuck that. I will just smoke a cigarette while wearing my "I'M OFFENDED" shirt. I dare any lefty to confront me, because "I" am clearly already offended. Stop oppressing me, fricken nazi's.