Awesome tapes Bolo!

Just got the Pin escapes 7 volume set of yours and they are awesome here's why.
I used to ask people how to get out of these positions when they where fully on for instant the modified scarf or the bottom sidemount and guys would always say elbow escape go to your knees or just dont get caught by escaping early I now know that tape training is the most effective way to train for me and now I want the rest of your tapes.
Those tapes covered every detail Ive wanted to know I'd never seen any of those techniques done most people tell you to hide your arm under the armpit as you showed.
I cant believe modified scarf was that easy to escape I was caught in that position for like 3 months straight and couldnt get out because dudes would always switch from there to the tight side control and pin me as you showed.

Anyway thanks for the knowledge it was a great set and just wanted to let you know what I thought and will definetly purchase every tape you have!

I'm glad you liked the videos and they were of help to you.

Everything training vid i have seen from Mike is excellent, great detail and explanations.