Awww Shucks , NO TWOOD Rematch In the Works

Jake Paul shoots down Tyron Woodley rematch after he ‘f*cked up’ by not getting tattoo, Tommy Fury likely next

Tyron fucked up when he lost the fight.


In general, I agree.

As far as a rematch is concerned, he fucked up when he didn’t even make the fight close. If Tyron deserved a split decision, he would have a far better argument for a rematch.

I think if he had made the fight close he would be further away from a rematch because he would be considered a “risk”. I just think Jake, along with the rest of the world (including Tyrons mom), know that Tyron is boring AF and no one gives AF if he wins or loses or even fights.

Jake is smart to move on.

He thought his performance was as good as how he thought his music was

I called Tyron not getting a tattoo if he lost.


Where I’m from, welching on a bet is considered a bitch move. Maybe it’s different where Tyron Woodley is from.



Tyron had his shot and he did not seal the deal.

Why would Paul fight him again?

No money in it really and Paul isn’t fighting for anything else than money and fame.

Add to this that the fight was not exciting enough to say it could have gone either way so no one cares to see a re-match.

Paul is going to keep calling out weird matches and upping his stock.

After his 2 boring ass fights with Wonderboy, I never wanted to see him fight again in a main event. The BLM UFC press conference bullshit was so childish, glad Colby beat the shit out of him. Would not bother me in the slightest if I never see Woodley in combat sports again.


TWood really is a bonehead. If he won, he is in a great position for another “bag” as he likes to say. Paul would have interest in running it back.

But losing a dec, in fight where some thought he could have won if he actually went for it, leaves literally no one wanting to see it again.

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He welched on a bet. Fuck him.

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You could tell he wasn’t even confident in taking the bet in the first place! Nevertheless he did and he should’ve owned up to it. Now he sounds like a fiend on the internet begging Jake Paul for another fight. Hopefully Dana sends Mas in there!

And all he had to do to win was not be Tyron Woodley. Such a frustrating fighter to watch. No killer instinct left in him.