AZ Combat Sports & Ruffhouse BJJ

How are the BJJ instructors @ AZ combat sports and Ruffhouse BJJ. I am in search of a school.

Both are great places to TRAIN~!

Cannons correct. They are both top notch schools. Remember, Megaton is in Phoenix too.


Gustavo Dantas at AZ-COMBAT.

ADCC level BJJ!

Lots of tough guys there.

Megaton in Phoenix also......I'm not 100% sure but I think his school is BJJ only. I could be wrong cause I heard of good NHB guys from there.

I rolled with some AZ-COMBAT guys and they are all really cool! I will sign up there as soon as I take care of a couple things.

Phoenix is full of good guys. Lots of oppertuntites here.

I will be living on the SE side of town.



I hear AZ-COMBAT is relocating. Rule and Brodway I think. These Places all Have web-sites. Check it out.

see also- Lenninger's, and Brusa.

I was in Gilbert. I would recommend AZ-COMBAT for the drive and the school. Just my opinion though.

If your new to AZ and like NHB your in luck! There are great schools here and good events like Rage in the Gage. Don Frye is around and I actually ran in to him in Tuscon. Corse you got Dantas and Megaton who are top notch! I Think Rick Roufus is here to. Lots of fighters and guys to roll with. Best of luck!

What about Rick Roufus's school

mkemetap: My name is Jay. I'm Aurthur Ruff's assistant instructor. Just to give some info and background. Arthur has an extensive record in Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is a black belt under Rodrigo Medeiros. We are a BJJ Revolution Team school! We also have some teammates in Tucson at Tucson BJJ. So you can say that we have a pretty strong showing here in Arizona. If you like you can find more information on the school and on Arthur at To be honest with you there are many good schools out here, and ACS is a great school too. Although Ruffhouse is much closer to you than any other school, I suggest you go out and try a class at different places. Come up with your own judgement. Both Arthur and Gustavo are more then great and qualified instructors, but that should not be your only decideing factor. You should take some things into consideration... Location, cost of classes, the environment, the people and the instructor. I will swear this to my grave... You should train where you feel welcome, where you are comfortable and happy at. Not just for status. The best fighters don't always make the best teachers, or teamates. So, again go to ACS and try a class with them, feel them out, try other places and feel them out, and try us and feel us out. You are more than welcome to come at any time to try a class or two. So I hope to see you at the gym. Good luck with your research. Tell Arthur Jay sent you!Jay
Ruffhouse Training Center
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