Az fighters New Promotion in town

Attn: Arizona Fighters

A Brand New Fight Company has come to town . I am co-owner along with Bobby Case and Shepard. I will be helping with the booking of fighters.

Battlefield Promotions is now looking for Fighters to fill fight cards. We have 5 different venues in the State of Az.We will be offering true WORLD TITLES-great pay and travel expenses. Battlefield Promotions has the money behind it to become the #1 MMA event in the State-

If you are an amature fighter or professional please e-mail me your bio and team information with contact info:

1st event in SEPTEMBER 2004

Thank you,

Shannon "The Cannon" Ritch                                                  

Can you give more info? How often you plan to have events. What type of support do you offer for amateurs. Flight and hotel? What experience levels are you looking for? new fighters? 1-5 fights? 5-15 fights? Mostly pros with a handful of amateurs thrown on the card? Mostly amateurs with a handful of pros thrown on the card?

Thank you


ttt for Arizona fighters

Do you have a web site??

Amateur I am sure is what you meant. Shannon, you have to know by now, anything tied to you, Cube, Big Boss, etc. will not be supported by the "bulk" of the AZ fans. You guys made and continue to make your bed...

Whats up Shannon, Contact Jd and get me a fight up in AZ. He brought some Az fighters to Hawaii, why not bring up some Hawaii fighter? Good luck in the promotion.


Battlefield Promotions will be flying in fighters from Japan, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, and hopefully Russia. I have made several contacts and want to use fighters from all over the world. When we hold a World Title fight that is just what it will be. This Promotion is not just for local fighters to make a big name. We plan to promote several fighters and give them a chance to showcase there fighting skills.

"The CUBE" Scott Lewis has nothing to do with this company and he is a thief, he stold money from my invester at his last event.

Battlefield Promotions has a promoters lic from the State of Arizona, I am in talks with several TOP MMA Fighters that will be involved special guests and even Superfights. Our website is not up yet but we have people working on it.

Thank you for your time:

Shannon "The Cannon"

Damn good news, Shannon. Keep us updated!


I will send some info tonight!

Dustin Ware

Team Jorge Gurgel

Good Luck Shannon!