AZ NHB tomorrow! $10 tickets!

EFC is happeneing tomorrow in Camp Verde, AZ. Should be some awesome fighters competing, Ray Elbe, Adam Kissack, Jarvis Brenaman, Johnny Saenz, Keith Winters, Randy Lavrar, Tim Carey, and of course the main event, Del Hawkins vs undefeated Sam Peterson for the lightweight championship!

Tickets are just $10! That's a deal for anyone. It's worth the hour drive from Phoenix.

Check out for a map & directions on how to get there!

This show is for the fighters, we're not here for money, and that's why we can get away with only charging $10, because we want to give guys a chance to fight who may not be able to otherwise.


See ya' there!

I will be in the house.... in..................the house


Me and some buddies will be rolling up from the east valley...looking forward to a good show.


John & James- I'm sorry, lost contact info- good luck with the show, I know it will be awesome and something not to miss! I would really like to ref in the future if you want me...keep me in mind- good luck to all fighters! :)

Shooto (Mark)


Give Pred a call, 480-736-8853. If he isn't there just leave a message, if you cant, get ahold of Bill Cameron, he's going up. Hope to see you there and hope you're 100%!


The predator's phone # has been posted on the internet, that could be bad for the pred.

attwood- if you called it you'd wonder who the f--- lived there.