AZ OGers, Any Job Connections?

I’ll be moving to AZ in January to start flight training, staying in Glendale and training in Mesa. Kind of a drive, so I’m looking for something 20-30 hours a week or so to help me get a place closer to the airport.

I plan to start all the app gigs (Uber Eats, Amazon, etc.) as soon as I get a car, which should be within a week or two of arrival (mid-January), but looking for something more traditional and hopefully higher paying.

Also looking for a place to rent in the Mesa/Chandler area, but my budget will be very modest.

Thanks in advance!


Death bump for the weekend crew.

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Good luck, what industries have you previously worked in?

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Military, LE, and a journalism degree.


Unless you have a criminal history, it should be easy to get a job at the airport, no?

I doubt most airport jobs pay less than an entry-level Amazon job or a driving job.

The Uber Eats types of driving jobs are more like cash advances taken on the value of your car. You get money in your pocket, but once you factor in gas mileage, car depreciation, and car maintenance, it’s not much per hour in the end compared to regular jobs.

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Good points, thanks. Yeah, no criminal record.

Not sure about this aiport since it’s a small general aviation airport, but I should def look into that.

Didn’t give the driving app gigs a whole lot of thought tbh, other than pretty much anyone can start one right away. But those are very good points to consider.

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