Aziz, light!!!!!!!

Those who know, know. 


RIP Luke

Such a weird great movie!

I was flipping between it and Monday night football.

Jeepster -

Such a weird great movie!

One of my favorites. 

Just started on one of the fable channels. Guess I'm gonna be up late watching this shit. 


What is this that stands before me? 

I love the scene when she first escapes and is outside the skyscraper. Great soundtrack. Millla is another example like Weaver(ripley) of doing the lead female casting in action movies right. It can be awesome 

Those who don't know don't giva  fuck....

Aziz Ansari

ranier wolfcastle -

Aziz Ansari

Aziz dark


Bada big boom!

It this is about 5th Element, that is one of the most underrated movies of all time. Right up there with that awesomely funny Star Trek parody with Tim Allen and Sigorney Weaver and Sigorney Weaver's tits.

Galaxy Quest

funniest part of the movie


I tapped so many times to her as a kid