B+E in MA. can i kill the intruder

can i kill him? can i beat the ever living piss out of him for breaking into my hosue and detain him until the cops arrive? are my katanas "unreasonable force"? is it a bad idea to leave my kali sticks wrapped in a towel so as to not leave a mark when i dance on his face with them? is a double leg to full mount g+p too much force? does it matter if he tries to attack my gf?

issues like this excite me way too much, thats why i'm sticking to patent law for now.

well? can i?

Check MA. law on self-defense. Typically, self defense and defense of other does NOT give you "open season" on the perpetrator. There is usually a "reasonableness" temperment to self-defense. However, every state is different.

Although it is fading out (I believe), some states have a "duty to retreat".

yeah, MA has a "duty to be a giant pussy" law on the books. fuck that. in court itd be my word against his.

makes note to not post "less than legal" ideas on public web forums...