B.J. Penn's test results for steroids are negative




The first test results are in from the Nevada State Athletic Commission's newly instituted out-of-competition drug testing program. According to NSAC executive director Keith Kizer, all of B.J. Penn's test results for steroids and recreational drugs came back negative on Wednesday, April 23.

Penn was the first mixed martial arts fighter to be tested since the program was announced in a memo to "All Nevada Licensees" on Jan. 7, 2008.

In the memo, NSAC chairman John Bailey noted that some fighters “... have become very sophisticated in the timing of taking prohibited substances,” which is why the Commission has instituted additional random testing.

“Random testing throughout the year will further deter any fighters considering taking non-approved substances,” said Kizer. “The additional testing, which will be paid for by the Commission, will help us keep the sport of unarmed combat safe and fair for all fighters.”

The program has also tested two boxers, Shane Mosley and Zab Judah, both of whom tested negative.

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In all fairness, they should test Sherk too.

"In all fairness, they should test Sherk too."

NSAC has decided that Sherk will be tested before the fight (I dunno if he is already been tested). He'll have to pass the test to get licensed in Nevada.

I wonder if BJ had to stop smoking weed?*

  • - just a joke. not an accusation. I know nothing about BJ or his recreational habits. I just know he does that "hang loose" sign with his hands that pot smokers and surfers seem to do. Yes, I know he surfs.

lol, they deleted my Chuck post. It was only a joke your crazy mods!!!!!

disbeliever - "Sherk was ordered to provide a blood sample sometime this week. Besides the possibility of being tested on the day of the fight."

Do they not require you come to them and do the test? A fighter can go anywhere they wish to test? Doesn't that leave open the possibility of switches?

 they rely on the honor system.

IIRC Sherk was told during his NSAC hearing he would be tested in three weeks. How can they call the testing, "random," when they tell you when you're going to be tested?


Sherk's test is not a random one, its due to his result in CA. But fighters are subject to random testing if they wish to be liscenced in Nevada.


i think we can all tell bj doesn't use roids...

dawgswrestler - i think we can all tell bj doesn't use roids...

 I was more surprised about the no weed thing LoL. If there was one thing I would think BJ would test positive for, it'd be the mary jane.

Jailer - Sherk was already caught once. He has no credibility left. Penn ftw.

 So, if he tests negative twice, which he will have to do, that will have no credibility? I guess Josh Barnett, Tim Sylvia, Hermes Franca, etc. etc. don't have any credibility either.


Jesus, you guys are worse than a sewing circle down at the local Bingo hall.

Pummeled by Silva - I just know he does that "hang loose" sign with his hands that pot smokers and surfers seem to do.

You mean Hawaiians?

lol@ hawaiians.

I think this "random fighter testing" leaves a lot of room for the commission to test whoever is ripped. I know they tested BJ, but there could be many reasons, such as them not being blamed for only testing ripped guys, and the whole fighting sherk thing

how do they "randomly" test? they pull it out of a hat?

lol at nevada choosing bj as the example...

i guess they heard he was so against this stuff or like everybody thinks they must of thought he was more of a recreational user...