B.J. train w/ Ralph G.??

Anyone know if BJ trained with Ralph and how long? Also is there bad blood?? Thanks

Sapao wasnt even training at Ralphs when BJ was there, so there is no way he would be in BJ's corner.

BJ was a purple belt under Ralph and then left for Nova. There is nno bad blood

Thanks I was just wondering. My cousin( he trained there for a few weeks) told me that Ralph cringes when BJ's name is spoken. But then Paul likes to go over board on gossip.

There would be a fun fight Ralph vs BJ. My money would be on BJ.

Yeah what happened? Why did not stay there with Ralph. Also I heard he went white to brown in 2 yrs. Any truth to this?

ttt for my curious friend, Travis :) lol

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TARPEIN, BJ went from white to black in 3 yrs, 4 months exactly. Straight from his mouth in a interview he did a year ago with Grappling mag. As for the split, prob because his family is in Hawaii and Nova Uniao came there. It prob fit him better philosphical wise than say Relson or any of the other groups that do bjj there.

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Sure there's no bad blood. Ask anyone from Ralph's how Ralph reacts if one of his best students leaves him to go to another academy.

That being said, BJ made the right move when he left. Ralph's gym is an amazing academy. Everyone knows that. Much respect and love to those guys. But BJ is the prodigy. He had to progress as a grappler and a fighter. Nova provided that opportunity for him. And BJ only says nice things about Ralph's.

Much love to BJ and Ralph's academy.

I heard he tapped Ralp as a Blue and Purple...

For the record, it doesnt matter a kiniption shit what anybody heard, unless you were there watching Penn tap Ralph, just throw your comments onto the "what if" forum. And if he did, then kudos to Ralph for his teaching. Isnt that every teachers goal? To make his students better then him?


I'm speaking out of turn, never trained at Ralphs...but...if BJ was still there he'd probably just recently been promoted to Brown Belt, if that. (with same skill level).

Of course Ralph is not delighted with the fact that someone that went on to be legend left his academy to go to Penderis Nova Unio, whatever it's called. High blues and above are considered "traitors" by the Brazilians for doing that. I've seen the two shake hands since, but I doubt all is forgiven.

With that said BJ probably did what was best for his career and followed the Silicon Valley, not the Rio way of doing things. There is one star at Ralph's academy: Ralph.

Look for Ralph in ROTR in May!!!


Not against BJ

Way too much politics in BJJ.

Good thing BJ left then, lol.

Legends whos Ralph gonna fight at ROTR? Is he gonna train with

The student teaching the teacher.

ummmm... some of us think BJ PENN is already unstoppable... :)