B.J. vs Duane BANG Ludwig

Go Bang!


who else...

BJ Penn Fan Club



Bang by destruction ala Jens Pulver

Great interview. Can't believe he asked for Kid! I think BJ will take this but Duane certainly could KO him if he got an opportunity.

BJ has a bad ass mount. I know of people who have very legit skills in Bjj who have trained with him and they say his mount is unreal.

Penn will score a takedown, pass guard, take mount, beat the crap out of Ludwig, Ludwig will give up his back, and Penn will score the rear naked choke submission victory. All in the first round.

Wish I didn't have to choose. Both are favorites of mine. But the only way I see Bang winning is if BJ lets him. *see BJ vs. JENS* I will go with BJ!

If they stand and BANG...LUDWIG WINS!!! If BJ takes him down BJ wins..

Bj by ground and pound or submission. Once he gets on top or his back it is over..

Does the winner get a shot at Manny Reyes JR?

BJ Penn has taken down everyone he ever fought... On the other hand, someone with Bang's power always has a chance of winning.

BJ has a bad ass mount. We don`t care or want to see his ass mount.

speak 4 your self willie.

Nah,Duane takes this one. He will do BJ like Chuck did Tito. And he will finish with a BANG!

I pick BJ by a quick Choke out. It will make BJ vs. Hughes seem like a marathon.