B Schaub defends Sean O’Malley, tells Sean Shelby to treat UFC fighters like “Human Beings”

Former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub defended youngster Sean O’Malley, telling matchmaker Sean Shelby to treat UFC fighters like “human beings.”
“Sean’s in a spot where he can talk like this and he’ll be okay cause he’s undeniable. He just has to keep winning, because as soon as you start losing, they’re gonna bring this back and hold it against you. But right now he’s fine,” Schaub said
“I’m with him though. Fck fighting in New York, with the taxes, flying out there, his coach isn’t there. Who cares if he fights a month later? It’s Vegas. Be cool, UFC. The UFC has to do a better job of not treating their employees like they work for fcking Apple,” Schaub said. “This isn’t some China slave factory. Like, treat them like human beings, it’s going to go so much further for everybody involved. Just be cool. Like why not be like ‘Hey Sean, we want you to fight.’ ‘Ah, my coach isn’t going to be there and I don’t wanna pay the taxes in New York. Can I just fight on the next card?’ ‘Yeah, we’ll get you an opponent, no problem.’ Click. Move on to the next guy. I’m with ‘Suga’ on this. Don’t treat him like sh*t, man. There’s just no need for it.”



worse thing for O’Malley is to have Schub come to his defense



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So bitter lol.

When you talk about giving heroin n shit to kids while your holding a/your baby… you shouldn’t be treated like a human being.

I’m not following. Are you saying O’Malley did this? Details, please.


Yes he did; you would have to watch the clip.
Also, that’s what I remember hearing but then again I could of interpreted wrong