B2 Fighting Series PPV starts at 8pm est


B2 Fighting Series B2 Digital OTC Strikehard Productions Strikehard 55 - Pay Per View will be live in less than 20 minutes.  Still time to order fights we are back.

UFC hopefuls Sean Connor Fallon, Ruben Warr, & Bryan McDowell are all fighting on the card!!!

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Fight 1 Emmanuel Harris(2-1) vs Elijah Brantley(1-0) 160 Ammy

Round 1

Harris closed distance early, and is controlling against the cage.  Lots of cage work and just close and short strikes for the first 2 minutes.  Brantley just couldn’t keep his back off the cage. Slow first round but Harris won the round 10-9 Harris for Round 1

Round 2

More of the same thing, Harris with pressure against the cage.  Brantley looking better in round 2 but still can’t stay off the cage.  Brantley with a good scramble at the end of the round but Harris control gets him that round as well 10-9 Harris for Round 2

Round 3

Brantley is going to need a finish to get the win, but still a good fight.  Much better round for Brantley a lot more scrambling.  But a lot of the same for Harris controlling against the cage.  Round 3 was the best round of the fight.  Brantley may have done enough to win Round 3 10-9 Brantley Round 3

I have it 29-28 for Harris

Official Decision Unanimous Decison  (30-27) x 3 for Emmanuel Harris now 3-1


Sanitizing the cage between each fight.  

UFC vets Chris Lytle and Eryk Anders on Commentary 


Fight 2 Tyler Stevens(5-2) vs Eli Mefford(6-5) for the 145 Ammy Title 

Round 1

Tyler Stevens on top for most of round 1.  Mefford with an active guard.  Eli with an armbar finish right at the end of Round 1.

Official Decision Eli Mefford by submission to armbar at 2:58 of Round 1 become the new Strikehard 145 Ammy Champion


Fight 3

Joseph Maxey(0-0) vs Tyler Declue(0-1) 170 Ammy

Round 1

Declue aggressive to begin but gets taken down off a kick.  Maxey on top but caught in a guillotine.  Quick tap.

Official Decision Tyler Declue submission to guillotine at 0:39 of Round 1

Fight 4 for the 125 Ammy Title

Terence Jones(7-3) vs Luke Chokan(6-3)

Round 1

Jones with a quick takedown.  Good scrambles and some strong leg kicks from Jones.  Luke grabs a guillotine, but Jones is out.  Good exchanges standing up.  But Jones with his 3rd takedown of the ground.  I have it 10-9 Jones Round 1.

Round 2

Good exchanges early round 2.  Jones with another successful takedown.  Luke active off his back.  Good kimura sweep to get up by Luke.  Jones is bleeding, I think nose.  Another takedown Jones.  Luke grabs a triangle and finishes the round almost finishing it.  Very close round but I’m going Luke Chokan 10-9 Round 2.

Round 3

Very close fight both guys need this round.  Luke very aggressive to open round 3.  Jones looks tired.  Jones with a takedown, but Luke back up after a scramble.  Jones with another takedown. Another good round but Jones finishes on top and secures the round.  I’d say 10-9 Terence Jones Round 3.

I predict Terence Jones 29-28 is a great fight.

Official Decision by Unanimous Decision(30,27)(29,28) x 2 Terence Jones to become the new Strikehard Flyweight Ammy Champion

PPV for amateurs?

Fight 5

Terry Wiggins(2-1) vs David Hayes(2-0) 185 Ammy

Round 1

Wiggins the aggressor early mainly with leg kicks and then shoots and gets the takedown.  Wiggins takes his back.  But they scramble back to their feet.  Hayes is 6’4” and Wiggins is 5’10”. Wiggins seems like he wants fight on the ground.  He gets another takedown but right into a guillotine choke.  Hayes gets the guillotine win.

Official Decision David Hayes by Submission go guillotine at 1:58 of Round 1

Fight 6 170 Pro Fight

Treston Vines(2-0) vs Bryan McDowell(2-0) 170 Pro 


Round 1

Good exchanges early.  Vines drops McDowell and then lets him up.  Vines seems to be winning the striking battles.  But McDowell keeps moving forward.  Vines kicks McDowell in the cup midway thru round 1 we have a break.  McDowell landing one at a time, Vines with the combos.  Vines landing lots to the body.  McDowell is cut.  Round 1 would be 10-9 Vines

Round 2

More of the same, lots of striking.  McDowell went for takedown but ate some knees.  Vines keeps punishing with body kicks.  Lots of knees and a barrage of punches from Vines to end the fight.  VERY BLOODY.  Red stoppage and win for Vines.

Official Decision Treston Vines wins by tko due to ref stoppage in Round 2

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PPV for amateurs?



Main Event for the Pro 155 Title

Ruben Warr(12-10) vs Sean Fallon(12-5) 155 PRO

Warr is 9-3 in his last 12 and Fallon is 9-1 in his last 10

Round 1

Fallon moving forward, his kick gets caught and Warr takes him down.  Then let’s him up.  Fallon pressing Warr against cage.  Chess match if cage work back and forth.  Seperation and guys are feeling each other out.  Lots of leg kicks.  Very close round.  Flip a coin.  


Round 2

More of the same, back and forth.  Fallon gets a takedown.  Back to there feet.  More cage work. Ruben with a slam and takedown.  Fallon working the rubber guard.  Good sweep by Fallon into a very tight darce.  Warr is out and back on top.  Wow again very close round.  Flip a coin.

Round 3

Whoever wins this round should win the fight.  Warr with an early takedown.  Not a lot happened on the ground.  But Ruben Warr with another takedown.  Back to there feet Fallon lands a couple.  Ruben with another takedown just not doing much damage once get gets there.  I would edge round 3 to Warr but have no clue who is going to win this fight.

Official Decision Unanimous Decision(no scores announced) Sean Fallon is the new Strikehard Promotions Pro Lightweight Champion

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