Babalu fat again?

Everyone that has seen his older fights knows he varies in weight. From this article and the pics of him he wouldnt beat Tito, as discussed in other threads.

he looks like Dane Cook in that second picture.

So what if he is fat?

Its just that alot of threads are discussing Titos next fight and 205 rankings, where Babalu is higher ranked than Tito and saying Babalu will beat him. These pics, and the comments from the fight shows otherwise. And I am an Babulu fan.

"And I am an Babulu fan"

A Babalu fan imo! "An" only comes into factor when the word that follows it has a vowel in front of it! Or is pronounced like it begins with a vowel!

LOL. He is big right now. He went to the olympic training center this
morning. Im sure 2 or 3 weeks in Colorado Springs will help his weight
and cardio.

It seems like Babalu would be KO'd in the first round every time he fights Chuck, but he's a threat to beat everyone else at LHW, IMO. How old is Babalu? Maybe he could wait until Liddell retires before getting the UFC belt? :)

LOL That shirt is too small. Not to mention the britches.

I was thinking he might have a Ricco condition, but that isnt the case.

Hes only like 225 or so. LOL.

Babalu versus Tito Must happen!!

Just baby fat.

He'll be back.

Where's the big Baroni pics?

Next - Fuck you! English isn?t my first language. I?m from Sweden. Maybe it?s time to move out from your mom?s basement and discover the world.

What the heck is Flava Flav doing up there?