Baby Joe Mesi's first fight

According to, Baby Joe KO'd Dwayne Cason in his pro debut.

Is this the same Dwayne Cason who got choked out by Mark Kerr in UFC 15?

I doubt it. The Cason Kerr beat was a wrestler

I think it is the same guy. Cason is a Spinks cousin or something like that. I'm like 75% sure it was him.

reyrey & MisterDog,

You guys are right, the Dwayne Cason that Mark Kerr choked out was a Spinks cousin who was a Junior Olympian or something like that in both boxing and wrestling.

Both sherdog's fight finder and list Dwyane Cason's hometown as Fayetteville, North Carolina, so I'm guessing it IS the same guy.

This, of course, doesn't bode well for Mesi's title aspirations... unless boxing gloves are thick enough to insulate Baby Joe from the delayed action Cousin-of-Spinks Jinx that "plagued" the Smashing Machine.

well to be fair, Kerr was MUCH bigger than Cason, if its the same guy


Wouldn't Kermit Cintron have a good career in NHB? He has a wrestling background; placed 10th in the Nationals while in college, if I'm not mistaken. Similar to Tito Ortiz' background. But the sucker can punch and certainly KO anyone at 155. I've always felt that a boxer-wrestler would be unstoppable in NHB, and I'm waiting for the day when a boxer with wrestling skills that isn't past-prime enters the Octagon. It would be exciting to see.

I'd like to see Karim Garcia, background in wrestling and judo I believe, came to the states as a kickboxer until he figured out there was better money in boxing. It'd be interesting, and he'd be competitive to say the least.

Medicine Me,

I'd like to see a good boxer in the Octagon as well, but that won't happen until the UFC pays a lot more.

I've also seen Travis Fulton on some people's boxing records, usually Fulton getting KO'd early. Is this the same as the nhb guy?

Baby Joe is currently training where I train... I don't know much about boxing, but quickly found out this guy is the real deal after speaking with his trainers.

Note: With a record like that, it's hard to think all those numbers are padded... But like I said, I don't follow boxing... Anywhoo, from what I've seen so far, he can throw down!


"I dont think Travis has ever been really KO'ed"

Yep, he's 5-4, all 4 losses by early KO

Mesi fought Kevin Rosier? How the heck did I miss that.

Well, I guess that gives some ammo to those who claim Boxers are superior to MMA fighters :)