Baby Steel Dragon !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Special Congrats to Team Tompkins fighter Brian 'SteelDragon' Magee who now is the proud father of a beautiful baby girl Seanna Francis Magee... Rumour has it Brian is already training her for a future bout vs. Jennifer Howe...(JK guys)

I can't believe they let Brian breed. Congrats.

Brian, congrats man welcome to fatherhood. If you need any parenting tips or anything for the baby let me know. A speedy recovery to the MRs and thye little one

Congrats Brian !!!

So sorry to hear about your upcoming lack of sleep for the next two years...


Congrats Brian...wishing you all the best.


You'll never sleep again.

I think this is why all parents are so happy and have that glazed look in their eyes all the time.

congrats steeldragon

wish the best in health for your new family member.

matthew "papiloco" mcdonald

team schilling/behring

thanks everyone , she is beautiful and "sooo strong "she goes in for a tatoo and her first cycle of g.h tommorrow .( just kidding )

great job Brian... get some sleep man. Let me know if you need anything, I have doubles of everything!


Congrats Brian!

Congrats Brian!

LOL @ first tattoo!

Congrats Bryan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Word of advice... STEAL as many of those hospital blankets that Seanna is wrapped in...

They're the best...

Hold on whats the Macho Man doing with Seanna????

Dude, you look so tired yet totally happy. Congrats again!