Bachelor Party in Vegas: What to Do?

Headed to a wedding in Vegas in two weeks. Guy who was supposed to organize the bachelor party it dropped the ball.

Anybody have suggestions for where to go/what do to on a Monday night? We're headed to some machine gun range in the afternoon, but no idea what to do after. Most of the group is possessed of certain moral flexibility, so all ideas are welcome (no homo).

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Cocaine Phone Post

Obviously there's lots of shit to do. I'm looking for OG-certified good ideas.

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Do coke off strippers asses at the WFA Saloon. Phone Post

If you want to do tourist stuff:

Bellagio Fountains
Grand Canyon Tours 
Watch a show
Fremont Street Experience 
Forum Shops at Caesars Palace
Mirage Volcano 
Treasure Island Battleship Show
Wynn Las Vegas Buffet
Stratosphere Tower
Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum 
Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Get a private booth at Olympic gardens. Tall to Mike the manager. If you've got the cash you'll be treated like kings. Phone Post

1) Hire Strippers

2) Avoid being dildoed by said strippers

My girlfriend runs a bachelor party planning site in Vegas. Pm if you want some info she can set you guys up. Phone Post 3.0

Midget hookers & blow.

i'm going in a few weeks and I'm visiting Exotic Racing. You a price, you are allowed to take out sport cars for 5 or more laps. All sorts of nice sports cars to pick from.

I'm taking an aston martin out! I cant wait. It is expensive, but think it a once in a life time thing to do. Plus, you can talk about this when you get home and the soon to be wife asks what you did

if you want a cool club like/lounge fun night with a reasonable less club like price tag. you should into getting a booth at insertcoins. its a video game bar/club you can reserve a booth with the video game system of your choice and get a bottle of whatever liquor.. you could spend less than 200 on that.

and then if you guys want to go do something else after theres all kinds of bars right there. its on fremont street, so you guys could go do the zipline down thru the fremont street experience. that is also rather cheap. about 20/ ea. person.

I went for a Vegas bachelor party in May and it was one of the bes ever.

Take a limo from the airport to the hotel. Drink in said limo.

If you're getting in on a Monday, there's a chance you could upgrade your room to something sick for a bargain price. Ask at the front desk what they have to offer to upgrade.

Don't overplan. You can drink on the streets in Vegas, so walking around drinking and taking in the sights and sounds is fucking awesome. Not having anywhere to be can be a blessing.

Stock up your room with booze and gatorade.

If you're a group of 8 or more, you should be able to get free transportation to stripclubs and gun ranges. Note: they don't like it if you show up to a gun range drunk.

Spearmint Rhino is fucking great. LOTS of hot girls. Again, if you're a group of 8 they'll come get you in their limo.

Planet Hollywood has some of the hottest chicks and is in the heart of the action. If you still have to choose where to stay, go there. It's reasonably priced and you won't regret it.

If you're going to order an escort to your room, make sure you negotiate price and what's expected before anything goes down, otherwise you'll get stuck with an insane bill.

One of the coolest things we did is we organized our own private poker game on the casino floor. It was $70 per person. You get your own private table and dealer. $20 went to the house, $50 went to the prize pool which we all agreed we'd spend on strippers for the bachelor. Worked out great and was tons of fun.

Good luck!

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Tidbits - Midget hookers & blow.

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Never forget the midgets. Besides I was killing 2 birds with 1 stone, midget hookers.

Get black out, put groom on hotel roof on his mattress, remember where you put groom in the morning?

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TheHumanTornado - Obviously there's lots of shit to do. I'm looking for OG-certified good ideas.

You should all take turns fisting the groom (no homo).

That's already scheduled for the free period between the ceremony and the reception.

vignaultfan gave some great pointers

the only thing I would slightly change is Id wait to see if they dont upgrade you automatically before asking for one. Sometimes they just do it at the hotel if they have room.

And the Rhino is my favorite place to kill several hours in vega$