Back Ache, whats best treatment?


so my back aches at the shoulders and shoulder blades. It's from BJJ.

I can't keep asking my gf for back rubs lol so what can I do to help ease the pain. Hot bath, Hot Water bottle, Deep heat rub?

any ideas?

It's muscular but it's from a long period of training.

It happened once before and got worse and worse till my back threw out because the muscles got so knotted and tight.

Just trying to think how i can prevent this happening again

Ice and ibuprofen.

My lower back usually bothers me, and that always seems to work. I usually take 6 tabs a day (I think they're 200 mg), though I don't take that quantity for more than 4 days. That stuff is hard on your kidneys I hear.

In the shower I also crank up the hot water on the area that is sore, then ice afterwards. Alternating heat and ice is good. But only 15-20 minutes of ice.

i have the exact same issues including having to stop asking the wife for
backrubs all the time.

making sure to stretch out before and after training with simple yoga
stretches has helped me a lot. find a vinyasa or ashtanga sun salutation
video on youtube for a good start.

and there's always advil...

I was about to get on here and tell you to lay off the 'roids and it would clear right up, but then I realized I'd misread the thread title as 'Back Acne'.

get a foam roller and look up myofascial release

it will definately help great way to spend 10 bucks  

You need to be careful in regards to your back. I began training BJJ when I was 17 years old. After a year of training, I had constant low back aches. I listened to my friends, who just told me to ice it, take ibuprofen, and rest it. They told me it was just muscular so it wasn't a big deal. By listening to people who didn't know what they were talking about, I had a bulging disc and sciatic pain by the time I was 19. The pain was 24/7 and I could barely bend over to brush my teeth.

I am pain free now, but my point is that it is best to take care of the problem now before it gets any worse.

U are all wrong!!! ASIAN MASSAGE PARLOR.

Hey Bolo, what exactly did you do to become pain free?

I rather not say because people tend to accuse me of trying to promote something when I say what I did.

well can you send me a pm or something? im in the same boat right now with chronic low back pain/sciatica and am trying to explore my options. what you described sounds almost exactly like my situation, so im really curious

^^^^Go to expert Q+A and look in Jen's section.

Or go to his website

(I used his programs, it works well)

Im gonna agree with HEMAN, asian massage parlors are great for this kind of stuff.

No serious though, I went throuhg a kettlebell routine yesterday for the first time and now my back is totally killing me. Mind you i havent worked out my lower back in ages, and so far all ive done is rubbed cryogel on it (works wonders) but i wonder if its more than a muscular thing. only been a day, so maybe im just tripping for no reason.

but it did take me forever to take a shit.