Back and Neck Tickling Sensations

I've had lifelong back, neck and shoulder issues but lately everything is ticklish. When I walk, the soles of my feet tickle. When I am sitting here, my arms are tickling. It is driving me crazy.

I would rather have pain than tickling so I'm considering stabbing all of my ticklish spots.

1. Soles of feet
2. Forearms and hands
3. Right ribcage
4. Right shoulder blade
5. Ass/sciatic area / right cheek
6. Tailbone

If anybody wants to stab me, now is your chance. Test out your altofsky blade and see how it works. I'll sign a waiver. Phone Post 3.0

Guess big pricks suffer from small ones.. Phone Post 3.0


Neck surgery Phone Post 3.0

Sounds like nerve damage brother . Phone Post 3.0

ManOfThePeepHole -
Lol Phone Post 3.0

Tell your boyfriend to loosen his grip Phone Post 3.0