Back at it again...

Go Bears Mutha F@#kers!

Go Pats!!

Damnit, Go Bears!


TTT, Go Bears.


Tom Brady


Rex Grossman


Go Pats

B E A R S !!!!! Bitches !!!!!! Let the tail gate party start as of now !!!!!!!!

Easy Chack, no need to rub it in. We need to get past the Saints before we can give you your beatn'. Then again its going to be a battle for Lake Michigan Bowl any way so let me know how the hot dogs are from the stands. Go Bears, and never Never bet against Da Coach in the big game. Go Bears!

There we go I got Mr Erickson backn me now, Go Bears!

Damn Right I'm wit cha !!!


Fighting the flu but knowing what DaBears are going to do to the aints makes me feel all warm inside.


Da coach stated on the score 670 and espn 1000 in Chicago that he started a Bear, was a Bear and will die a Bear and the day he picks the Saints over Da Bears is the day they are pulling his stogie and draft out of his cold dead hands. Classic "Coach"

Good for Ditka. Nobody liked him when he gave away our entire draft for that weedhead and then proceeded to get in a tux next to said weedhead in a wedding dress.

Trust me, you guys can keep the coach, saintsfans don't want him. I don't know why they made a big deal out of him coaching the Saints, it was three crappy years.

GO Saints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!