back at work...only 188 emails!!

lets hope its all crap that can be deleted.

but first... coffee!

187 for me

I had 56.  All but one were instantly deleted.

I checked my emails almost every day during the holidays. Last time was last Friday. Came into the office sort of in a mentally happy place. Logged in. Saw 155 emails. Fuck me.

I have that many when I get back from lunch everyday. Best part is only 1/3 have anything to do with me and they must be opened to figure that out. 


Fuck i had 83 and I was bitching 

I had over 50, a second page on our work gmail. 


Lol. I'd easily have that beat if I wasn't always on my work phone 

disconnecting from work for almost 2 weeks was good.

wonder how high that # woukd ve if ot werent over xmas?

Quitting my job next Friday. Could have had 4829 emails and I wouldn't know.



Granted 99% of those were automated server alerts.

I was out of the office for like 12 days ... I had 27 emails. Sometimes I wonder why I'm still employed. 

I had over 300 and it took a couple of hours to download them all as my PST file reached its limit so had to keep deleting big attachments to make room.

A lot of junk and only had to reply to around 40 of them.