Back button broken Android app

When I press the back arrow on my screen, it just takes me right out of the app. VERY annoying.

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Yup. Working on it. You can swipe left to right to go back as well.

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Can you swipe on iOS as well?

Yup, made me so happy to update the app. Hopefully @Chris will either update this post or make a sticky when it’s fixed so i can use it on my phone again.

Swiping on my phone doesn’t take me forward or back in any thread.

Get this on iPhone as well

If you’re already in a thread, you shouldnt be able to swipe forward (right) to anything else, right? If you’re in a thread you SHOULD be able to swipe left and return to the thread list. I know the thread is about androids but since it works on my phone I must ask, are you using android?

Update: We just submitted a release 4.0.1 to the Google Play store that fixes the back button issue and scroll issue.


Does it take some time after you submit your update to arrive on the google play store? The last update I see was done 4/30.

Yes. It has to be reviewed by Google and approved. It’s not just immediately available unfortunatley.

What about iOS?


I am using Android and it is working now without any issues yet. Nice work top men!