Back From Brazil- Video- The Drill-Open Guard Pass

To the guys and girls that want a nice drill for better guard passing,

I just returned from Brazil where I was able to training Jiu-Jitsu in many different cities including: Rio de Janeiro and Uberlândia. This was my 4th time in Brazil to train Jiu-Jitsu. From this experience I learned many new details and strategies. And I wanted to share some of these experiences with you I am going to give you a sneak peak at one drill from the Brazil Learning Modules.

I know is will benefit your guard passing. I want to ask yourself what are some to most common open guards you will come across during your daily training? This will deal with 75% of them!!! It should take you 15 seconds to complete a full sequence. Do this sequence as many times as you want and have fun with it. Your guard passing will get smoother and you will not have to think so much when the opponent puts you in the open guard!

"The Drill"

My best,

"little" Tony Pacenski

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Thanks PayItForward!

The drill is one of my favorites now and has helped a lot with guard passing, my timing and thinking since I got back from Brazil. While I was there I was having a lot of difficulty passing from the closed guard that one academy I was at Nova Geração in Rio. The grips fighting was super tough. I did have some troubles with my leg; however and regardless, when I got to Uberiandia, I trained with Publio Caetano a monster brown belt under Roger Gracie. After training with him, I given a better insight to do a lot more distance passing. The philosophy from the close guard is to standup and break away; totally disconnect. And then come back on my terms standing passing. This strategy is very fun and works effectively with modern passes and when the opponent is tired or late in the match/training.

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