Back from First fight (Pics here!)

Well, I am back from Montreal and get ready for a lengthy post because its a loooooong story.I woke up on Sat. morning at 5AM, I had to roll out of bed and drive to Niagara Falls from Toronto for the SATs for 8AM. After I got some breakfast at Denny's I took them. I did really well on them I thought. Right after I rushed to the car and we sped all the way to the airport in Toronto. I took the 2 PM flight to Montreal. I got there at 3:45 and called my trainers to pick me up. In the meanwhile I had a quick bite to eat and I called my girlfriend. When they picked me up, I went straight to the gym stripped and weighed in. The ****in rat....the promoter promised me a guy 130-134 lbs. I weighed in under because I didnt eat so well. I weighed in at 129 instead of the usual 131. My opponent weighed in at 138 lbs, and we all knew that he cut that weight that morning to make it. But I wanted to fight anyway, so we accepted. Right after, I put on my clothes and I was dead tired from the flight and the test. So we went back to the hotel and I slept for about 30 min and I had a pasta lunch for the energy. At 6:00 we were called for the doctor's check up. I discovered that instead of being the 2nd fight, I was moved to the 8th. My friend was the first and so I just sat in the corner and slept.After my friend's fight, I relaxed a bit more and finally I was wrapped up.

Later in I shadowboxed a bit to loosen up and also some light light pads. After a rubdown with the thai linament, vaseline was applied on my neck and face.

My trainer then talks to me, about how the guy needs to pay for making me train so hard and that it was my fight, my time to shine. I was not afraid, I was PISSED OFF. It was now my time, my fight!! So they put on my robe...

I was ready to go...

I did my ram muay, and boy did the crowd hate me, I overheard comments like "What a mean looking guy" and stuff like "Look at his stare!" I have to admit, my ram muay was cocky as hell!Finally the staredown, I looked at him straight and shit, for some reason, I really hated the guy, damn bastard. Everyone was hyped then and for some reason after a few seconds, he looked down instead of staring back before. I later was told by my trainer that a woman who takes capoeria used to see lots of the staredowns and macho attiude from the brazillians that take it, but she told him that the stare I had was the most intense and scariest one that she had ever seen. I was really happy to hear that! Now it was fight time, the second the bell rang, I made sure I attacked first and hard. I think I threw a jab and a HARD right low kick, just to show my sting. After I threw about 3 kicks, my shin guard came lose and the ref told us to break. I did, but the guy rushed over and threw left and right hooks like a wild man and a right kick. I instinctively tied him up and I whispered in his ear "you mother ****er!" Man I was pissed off. But I understood it was in the heat of the things, so I touched gloves with him.

As you can see, he is much bigger than me. Right after that inital cheap rush he took on me, I tied up with him again and I slammed him to the ground. I felt better after that. The second round I opened it with a step then I did a SPIN back kick to his mid section! It actually hurt him and he backed away. I spent most of the time kick high and low, I believe I landed 3 high kicks to his face. I also landed a flying knee He never kicked me, he wanted to box and clinch, I was counter punching and finally he realized that he wanted to clinch with me. That guy was so strong! What he did was he covered up clinch and literally tried to bend my back wards over the ropes, I was nearly 90 degrees every time he did that!

Third round, I was starting to get tired and what he did was clinc and try the same tactic while throwing rabbit knees to my midsection. End of the fight I was confident I won because of how everything went. My chest was even covered in his blood from his mouth and nose. Overall he kicked ONCE the whole fight and mostly threw hooks to my head area. He was loved by the crowd though, I later discovered that the promoter lied and the guy actually had 3 or 4 fights ALREADY. I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET A FIGHTER WHO WAS UNDER 135 and with NO FIGHTS. The ref collected the score cards and gave them up, and I lost by SPLIT DECISION. The ref was Master Suchart and he told me PERSONALLY that the promoter changed the scores. Originally it was 33-30 for me, 32-30 for me and 31-30 for me. I WON, i really DID........I was really saddened, after I found out from Suchart. Also of all the fights, all the Montreal guys won. I never saw so much crap in my life. Some guys got really cheated and the crowd knew it, they booed at alot of the fights. And the finally the promoter came in with the mike and told everyone literally "**** YOU, NO MORE MUay THAI FOR YOU!"Hell even suchart was pissed OFF. He stopped a fight and went up to the promoter and told him "SHUT THE **** UP, I DO MY JOB! DO YOURS!" He was kicking things over after the whole thing was over, man he was pissed! Once after Suchart gave a standing eight count, the promoter was like " it doesnt count, bad call" and told the judges not to count it. he even ended a round ONE MIN. early because his fighter was in trouble. I was happy though, in the end I mean, I knew I did a good job, I felt really good, I called my gf and my mother. And had a night out on the town. I am so happy I had this experience, too bad I didnt get the decision. But everyone knows....the most important thing was, my trainer was proud of me. One fault was, I was too aggressive he said. But people were asking him who I was where I fought before, they believed that I already had 3 fights or so because they said I was very "technical" and calm for a first timer. That made me feel really good. I hope next time I can do my trainers proud again. Thank you guys. It means the world to me. BTW the promoter made us pay for our own hotel room too.......lying bastard. Your a damn crook. People call him "Don King"

uh too lazy to edit my posts, but sorry if I sound like a tough guy. I really was mad though, the whole time. Instead of being scared, I was really mad. 12 weeks of hard training, the way I saw it, the bastard made ME run, made ME puke, made ME shed blood. And now he was trying to beat ME up?? Thats just the way I saw the whole thing I guess, beats the hell out of being scared. I just prepared to long and too hard to be afraid anymore. And sorry if I sound cocky in my post. I really dont want to come across as that. To be fair, he landed good right crosses and hooks to my face. And he was tough. But I mean it, the promoter is a snake. I dont like him! And the pictures, believe it or not, but my face always looks like that, most of the time that is.


First things first...congratulations for getting in the ring and slugging it out. More than I have done.

Second...sorry things didn't go your way on the scorecards. Sounds like you should have won a close fight, but shit happens. Forget it. Keep training.

Third...none of your pictures showed up. I'd tell you how to fix them, except I have no idea. Maybe someone more knowledgable can help????????????

I also posted this on the OG.

If you cant see the pics......here

Great pics and review of the fight. Sucks that the promoter interfered in the fights though.


Does Shawn Vitch still train out of Siam with Master Suchart? I fought him back in 1994...

It's a shame that there are promotors who do fucked up shit like that. But the thing is, YOU know you won, MASTER SUCHART knows you won, the CROWD knows you won, and I guarentee that YOUR OPPONENT knows you won!

Don't sweat it. You know the truth of what happened. Train harder for your next fight.

I was victim of a bad decision once myself. Not as blatantly as you, but a bad decision none the less. I was the one doing all the work, kicking, kneeing, and punching. My opponent would occassionally land a half-assed punch. But I lost. WTF?!?

In the video tape of the match, when they announced the winner, you can clearly see my opponent shake his head. He fucking KNEW he didn't deserve it! The thing that really pissed me off about it was that it was a title fight.

Oh well, live and learn...

Khun Kao

Dont worry Khun Kao, the title fights there were fixed. In the last title fight, the fighter took the local boy's neck in the perfect plum and did left and right straight knees into his midsection for almost half the last round. It was so obvious that he won. At one point when the ref (Suchart) issued a standing eight count, the promoter RANG THE BELL AND SAID IT WAS A BAD CALL!! And we all know that no promoter can override a ref.'s call! Suchart went over and said "SHUT THE FUCK UP, DO YOUR JOB, I DO MINE!"

It was pretty bad. Another fight the promoter rang the bell a MIN early because the "local" boy was in trouble.

Sorry, I dont know too many people from Siam. I only trained there once a week on Saturdays and also to learn the ram muay and to get blesed. I am more of a grandstudent. But as Suchart puts it "still a part of his Muay Thai" family. As far as I am concerned listening to Master Suchart's opinions and stories from 3:00AM to 7:30AM was the best part of the night.

On a lighter note my girlfriend threw me a surprise party last night in the honor of my first fight. Even thought I lost the fight, I gained 10x more in the end.

oh yeah I am 5'6. And the promoter's name is Peter Kao? Peter King? Shit people just call him Don King anyway.

dang olyella, makes me sick to think that you trained that hard and the promoter doesnt even give a shit about you or any of the other fighters----put his name out and tell people not to fight for him---in fact, just tell him he is a mother f'er.


olyella how tall are you?

Well done dude...yep, brings back memories of my first few fights... :) time you'll do it, the first win always tastes sweeter after a loss or two!!


I was there but missed your fight, a kid from our club fought (Jeff) he was the sixth fight, he was a y9oung 16 year old, and he had a hell of a fight. He shoulda won and got a shitty split decision against him. He wwas fightign a kid from their club so I am not suprised. DOn't give up come back and fight and this time KO the guy you fight ;)

Congrats on your victory, Yella. Even if they scrweded you, you know you won in your heart. You've trained like a bitch for this for the last year, so enjoy your victory.

Good pics. Yeah, it is too bad that you did not get the decision. Good luck next time. TTT