Back from First fight (Pics here!)

Cool story, thanks for posting!

Congrats on your fight, even thought the decision turned out the way it did.


Great pics! Congrats. Get copies of those in a scrapbook...impress your kids 30 years from now!

Ok finally fixed it!

Shit this took so much time!

You guys better look at them!

olyella, man that sucks! at least u and everybody else knows who really won. where do u train? Siam on Dufferin?

congratulations. too bad you were screwed, have i got some promoter stories for you sometime. btw, they are all red x's; maybe the site you posted them on doesn't allow links.

Well I put in the direct link for you guys if you want to see the pictures. They are pretty good. My friend did a really good job with them!

Hey guys can you see the pics in my post? Or are they red xs?

nice pics and great story thanks olyella.

TTT, nice man! hey are you viet? do you have a brother named trong? if so I know him, I trained with him a couple years back.

Thanx for fixing. Is MT actually sanctioned in Quebec like it is in alberta? HAHAHAHA, first pic, you look so LA wearing the hoody!!!

I represent that gym, and have trained there once a week on saturday for the ram muay, but Jack, my trainer trained under Suchart. I am his "grandstudent"


Fighting in all that 'body armor' sucks. Especially when they make you where shinpads AND footies. God, I hated that!

Khun Kao


Well done bro, pity about the promoter, maybe you should petrol bomb his house :0) J/K

Hey man- Congrats! i like the way ur mental attitude was and how u got psyched up for the fight. It is always good to see people competing and giving their best- no matter what sport it is. I recently started taking San Shou style of kickboxing. I like it because i can use my Judo in it. Well keep training man- wish u all the luck in whatver goals u set forth.




YAY Peter King the promoter from the Montreal fights just has been fired!!!

Also my next fight is in March. Somewhere in British Columbia, I think Vancouver. No shinguards and helmets