Back In HS, Broad took a Bath..Left the Door Cracked

She was the gf of a friend, that i was telling on, was not faithful.

I had on a Shaq tee, she later wore it to show him.

Should I have opened the cracked door?

I should have opened the door, and seen what happened.

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The fuck did I just read? It’s like Rainman trying to write a romance novel.


Just another installment of homeslice’s version of “Dear Penthouse”.


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the 90’s were different.

If a brod takes a bath, leaves the door cracked…

While ur visitin?

invitation to fuck, right?

Talkin bout getting my fuck on, Floppy.

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One of my greatest Reggrats.

Shoulda opened that door, and came inside her.

Is this a choose your own adventure thread?


Sounds more like talking about not getting your fuck on.


I fucking loved those books as a kid. They should make pornographic ones for adults.

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Regrets of NOT getting ur fuck on.

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Bro, I GOT my fuck on.

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This bro was trying to get her fuck on w me? tho…

Made me think.

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She takes ALL her clothes off, hops in the tub, and leaves the door cracked…WTF you do?