Back in the ring...

Dear forum members,

I would just like to ask for your thoughts and prayers (if you pray). For you that don't know me, which is about all of you, I have not competed in years. Even when I did it was as favors and last minute. I have taken a fight next month (boxing) and I am concerned not about my ability, but conditioning and mental state. When I started, MMA and pure boxing, I was dealing with alot of personal issues and used the sport as a positive in my life. But with the birth of my daughter and son I have lost that anger that helped me. I am trying to find a way to get some of that anger back. The main reason I have taken this fight is to prove to myself that I either can/cannot box. My record is decieving and disappointing. Win or lose I will give everything I have and walk out with a sense of acomplishment. Any comments you have positive or negative will be helpful.

Sorry for the frat.

Good luck with your training,


Good Luck Hixon keep us posted... when and where are you fighting?

Marksville, La. May 12th. I have not recieved a contract yet, so hopefully it will come through. A few guys from my gym are on the card so there should not be a problem. I have had promoters back out 1 week before the fight though.

Good luck with your training,


Fighting with Anger isn't always the way to go. You may learn something about yourself and decide that you don't need anger to fight. It is a sport, not a brawl.

that or when you start getting hit, it'll piss you off and you will start firing back. Either way it should be a good experience. I do worse when I fight angry, though.


It's not anger as in rage. It was the edge, it kept the fear subdued. I know that has been the hardest part for me getting back in was that fear. It took alot of self reflection to realize that I started to become afraid of getting hit. It took getting my bell rung a few times to get over it but know I feel much better. I am mentally more mature and calm than I was before my daughter was born. It going to be fighting with a more mature perspective that I have to adjust for.

Thanks for the response and good luck with your training,


take this as a positvie...time to rely on your skills and technique your learned over the years...with some of the rage gone you just need to pick this guy apart staying calm and keeping your wind and cardio longer...its a tough transistion...i love fighting angry and with rage but it really does a number on your punches start getting wild...



That's what Sparky and I talked about. I am going to do like you said. I am going to fight my fight.


Good luck with your fight. I carry these quotes around in my wallet and pull them out from time to time, they motivate me not only in the gym, but in day to day life as well. Hope they provide you with some inspiration:

"Only a man who knows what it is like to be defeated can reach down to the bottom of his soul and come up with the extra ounce of power it takes to win when the match is even" - Muhammad Ali

"I'm gonna have to be killed before I lose, and I ain't going to die easy." - Muhammad Ali

"I'm scared every time I go into the ring, but it's how you handle it. What you have to do is plant your feet, bite down on your mouthpiece and say, 'Let's go.'" - Mike Tyson

"A champion is someone who gets up when he can't." - Jack Dempsey

blast that cardio,and good luck.


You can be focused and aggressive wtihout being angry, besides once you get in the ring for the fight you will be ready.