Back of the head incl. slams??

While we're talking about Brock punching Mir in the back of the head... does slamming somone to the mat, causing their head to hit the mat, equate to hitting the back of the head?

If so, I can think of numerous times when this has happened with no consequences... GSP hump-slamming Hughes, Hughes slamming Newton, etc...


and 2.1

and Fail

and BEEP

intentionally spiking someone is also against the rules

I made this thread a while back, but no one justified why fighters were allowed to slam someone's head to the canvas (with all of their body weight) yet couldn't punch to the back of the head.

there is no justification. the rule is stupid.

I think a single knuckle can do more damage than an entire skull bouncing off the mat. Knuckles can hit pressure points, while a skull hitting the mat (a common thing in grappling....tuck your chin) spreads out any damage. can't powerbomb someone on their head nor spike can powerbomb someone onto thier back/shoulders.

Great call by Mazzagati btw!

Most people who are use to being thrown or slamed know to tuck their chin to their chest when the throw/slam occurs. Spiking doesn't give you the "chance" to protect yourself.

hurf durf, maybe they should wear gloves if you're so concerned about knuckle damage.

i understand the rule to be, you can't slam them directly on their head, and not spiking.

You can slam them on their shoulders, and if hte head bounces back and hits, that is legal as they have some control over tucking their chin to avoid that.